Stahlin Deadfront Panels

Stahlin Dead Front Assemblies

Dead Front Panels for  J & JW, RJ & RJW Series

Hide circuitry or devices with a cosmetically pleasing mounting surface A dead front panel is designed to obscure the
view and accessability of circuitry or devices while offering a cosmetically pleasing mounting surface. In a designer’s view, the dead front panel can represent the cover of the enclosure that will now rest beneath the enclosure door. Stahlin produces a top quality design, inclusive of spring-loaded releasable hinges that make component mounting and panel assembly a very simple task. When properly installed, the panel is securely fixed to the sidewall of the enclosure. This means that load-bearing weights are distributed throughout the assembly. The hinged suspended panel swings out of the way to provide full access to a panel or PC board mounting.

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