New Sentry Series

Stahlin New Sentry Series Enclosures

NewSentry® Series

The NewSentry ® Series is a range of corrosion resistant, watertight PVC enclosures featuring ten sizes of simple screw down covers. The enclosures are a perfect complement to our non-metallic offering when used as junction boxes and small auxiliary enclosures. Each enclosure is assembled with a PVC gasket that ensures compatibility with the enclosure’s
substrate and, through cellular resiliency in stretching and compressing, enables longevity in the interaction between cover and gasket spanning a wide potential temperature range. Mounting feet are integral on smaller sizes and included as bolt-ons with all larger enclosures. Captive brass cover screws meet threaded brass inserts to secure covers and  provide assurance against wear and tear from repeated use. NewSentry ® Series enclosures are designed for
general electrical and electronic applications and any application that has associated environmental concerns.

→ Memory retaining seamless PVC gasket
→ Threaded inserts and captive brass cover screws → Corrosion resistant PVC material
→ Integral mounting feet available on some models

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