Pushbutton Series

Stahlin Pushbutton Series

PushButton Series

The PushButton Series includes two separate enclosure designs, an in-line style and a multi-hole style configuration. The in-line includes a fiberglass and polycarbonate option while the multi-hole is designed for fiberglass. All feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides a complete environmental seal. A full metal grounding strap is furnished with each configuration for ease of bonding. Designed as a true pushbutton station, the in-line enclosure does not offer a provision for panel mounting. Unobstructed side-walls, captive stainless steel cover screws and a full range of sizes makes this a versatile offering. These unique in-line enclosures will house pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights in both
30mm and 22mm configurations. The alternate configuration is the multi-hole design which has a integral flange mount and back panel capabilities. This series is ideal for high density pushbutton mounting and can accommodate up to nine operators on a single cover. This multi-hole design is compatible with 30mm configuration components. PushButton Series enclosures are designed for general electrical and electronic applications and any application that has associated
environmental concerns. Custom hole configurations are available upon request.

→ Flush cover design
→ Memory retaining continuous polyurethane gasket
→ Captive cover screws
→ Full metal grounding strap (strap included on fiberglass only)
→ Notched key hole design
→ Chemically resistant Non-Metallic materials
→ Non-corrosion environmental design
→ Available in 30mm and 22mm configurations

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