N Series Freestanding

N Series Freestanding Enclosures

N Series – Freestanding

Stahlin’s Control Series is designed to accommodate electrical, electronic, instrumentation and mechanical controls
indoors and outdoors where corrosion resistant watertight enclosures are needed to provide protection against windblown dust and rain, plashing and hose directed water. The “N” designation reflects a NEMA range series of
large capacity enclosures. With the ample working space involved, the free standing control tower enclosure
style will also accommodate combination hydraulic or pneumatic controls along with the supporting electrical control. Fiberglass reinforced polyester supports a very high temperature range and corrosion resistance when used in oil field, mining, oil platform, water/wastewater and general processing controls. Yet, the pleasing cosmetic construction
is ideally suited for ordinary indoor or outdoor industrial control mounting.

→ Fiberglass reinforced polyester material
→ 300 series stainless steel hardware
→ Glassed in panel mounting studs
→ High temperature, flame-retardant, non-corrosion environmental designs
→ Padlockable HASP
→ Glassed in enclosure lifting rings

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